Our Story

Ever since I remember I have been a dog person. As a child I adored going with my grandmother to her dog shows. Over my life I have had five dogs, each being unique and having different needs. Whenever I went shopping for a particular dog, I would struggle to find something that fit them perfectly or find the right training tool. I also found that most synthetic materials held the smell of my dog.

In 2017 I adopted a four year old working dog, Ty. What I found was that most collars would hold the dogs odour, which would smell worse over time and would lose its flexibility. This prompted me to research in to possible materials that would target these problems. Through trial and error I have found designs and materials that would hold less odour, and maintain its integrity. Living in the Hawke's Bay I am a big fan of Art Deco and this has influenced some of the design styles.

Deco Hound is a small locally owned and operated business. We provide affordable, fashionable, durable, and comfortable collars for dogs and their owners. We hand make all our products from locally sourced and imported materials that are washable and will help prevent bad doggy odours.

All our products are tailored to fit each dog's unique requirements for total customer satisfaction.